"I got blisters on my fingers"
— Ringo Starr, Sept. 9, 1968

Why did he say it?
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr had just finished the equivalent of a drumming logomarathon — 18 grueling five-minute takes of a loud and raucous "Helter Skelter," which some critics call the precursor to heavy metal because of its pounding drums and growling distorted guitars. Ringo announced his physical exhaustion in faux anger, by throwing his drumsticks across the room and shouting the now famous phrase: "I got blisters on my fingers."

Recorded for all posterity it was, but famous it wasn't, until the Beatles included Starr's shout on the stereo mix of the song; the song completely fades out around 3:40, then gradually fades back in, fades back out partially, and quickly fades back in with three cymbal crashes and Ringo's scream.

(some sources erroneously credit the "blisters" line to John Lennon).








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Beatles fun facts
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— The Beatles are the best-selling musical group of all time, estimated by EMI to have over one billion discs and tapes sold worldwide.
— The Beatles have notched up the most multi-platinum selling albums for any artist or musical group (thirteen in the U.S. alone).
— The Beatles have had more number one singles than any other musical group. They could have had more if they weren't competing against their own singles.
— The Beatles have had more number one albums than any other group (19 in the U.S. and 15 in the United Kingdom).
— According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Beatles had topped worldwide sales of 300 million units by 1969.
— By October 1972, the Beatles’ worldwide sales total stood at 545 million units.
— Most no. 1 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 charts (20 no.1s).
— The only group to replace themselves at no. 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 twice (March 21 and April 4, 1964). It would be forty years later when Usher would tie the record.
— Most consecutive no. 1 albums in the Billboard albums chart (8 consecutive no. 1 albums from 1965 to 1968).

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It sounds like Lennon, but it's not
Or so claim the experts and Ringo Starr himself.

But to me — growing up hearing Lennon's spoken and sung word on TV, radio and in the movies — "I got blisters on my fingers" sure sounds like Beatles cofounder John Lennon's voice, complaining about what playing the incendiary guitar part did to his fingers.


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